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Seeking Millionaire
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Overview of Seeking Millionaire

Seeking millionaire is a dating company who was founded on 2006, with 11 years’ experience in millionaire dating market, seeking millionaire has been featured on Forbes, CNN, ABC, Playboy and etc, and been considered a successful niche dating site for rich and wealthy people. Now seeking millionaire is also available on mobile app which brings established people and sexy singles under one roof by creating a more convenient platform to let all elite and attractive singles find the right millionaire date. For a millionaire dating app, except for a certain number of active members, the percentage of millionaire people, it needs to be easy to navigate, easy to use, quantity appropriate features, and reasonable subscription packages which can make members feel it’s worth to pay. It seems seeking millionaire have completely achieved that, no wonder it will gain about 4-star rating by most of review editors.


  • Basically, seeking millionaire is like other dating apps that can seek rich members or attractive members near you, you can see how many users of another type around you or in your living city, also, it depends on how far you are willing to go.
  • As for search features, seeking millionaire has their especial filter to make you match those who cater to your lifestyle, which can save most of time to keep seeking and you would not get low quality conversations that talk way much yet end up wrong person, wrong match.
  • The more interesting feature is you will receive the real-time alerts if there is millionaire closing by, and you can easily flirt when, where the notification be pushed. That’s really awesome because everyone got their own thing to do, you may miss out many chances if you are not 24 hours online—absolutely it is impossible, so when it comes to ‘millionaire alert’, everything can be clearly settle done.

Plus: Except features I mentioned above, seeking millionaire also got other basic but useful features like sending unlimited winks, regular screening of profiles, filter search by using keywords, and favorite/block/add private photos and give permission to anyone you want, and so on.


Unlike other millionaire dating apps which offer monthly subscription package to members, seeking millionaire provide unlimited access with 7 days, 15 days and 28days. It’s kind of different between generous member and attractive member. See the actual price below:

Generous Member (Male or Female)

  • $34.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access
  • $59.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access
  • $99.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access

Attractive Member (Male or Female)

  • $14.99 - 7 Day Unlimited Access
  • $24.99 - 15 Day Unlimited Access
  • $39.99 - 28 Day Unlimited Access

I personally think the price for attractive males or females can be cheaper, could be helpful. However, offering one-week access is a good idea so that new members can try it for a proper period to see if this app fit themselves well. For generous members, if app works well I thinks this price is worth to get at least one-month subscription to seek the best one.

User Review

Easy to get to meet really genuine people here, seeking millionaire has helped more than 300,000 millionaires match their dates who mostly satisfied them. The chance of success is huge because of the large numbers of active individuals. Many users also have seen the blogs on seeking millionaire official website, many useful tips and experiences of millionaire dating, you can also share your thoughts and goals to everyone to make there a better community for millionaire match seekers.

Final verdict

Seeking millionaire offers verification for income, you won’t be bothered by whether these generous members are really what they claim to be. According to the report of seeking millionaire, we can know that the ratio of female and male is about to 2:3(41% woman, 59% man), we all know the seeking arrangement is a leading brand in millionaire match market, seeking arrangement founded by Brandon Wade who is also the founder of seeking millionaire, so that could be a powerful safeguard for user base and quality profiles, you will find your right millionaire dating in seeking millionaire for sure. And all luxury dating are also on your terms.

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