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Overview of Sudy

Sudy is one of the best sugar daddy dating app connecting global elite singles and attractive singles without any gender constraint. For now, Sudy is being considered one of the most preferred millionaire dating app, and it is always in the top three ranking in App Store when you search ‘sugar daddy’, since it has been launched on App Store & Google Play. Obviously, it is because Sudy got many good rates and people who used it consider it a proper place to find rich and elite people, and millionaires would love to be here to meet beautiful and pretty singles.


According to their Sudy Users Report, the ratio of wealthy people to singles who wanna date millionaire is 1:4. Such large user base that Sudy has, yet it still provided many wonderful features to meet diverse needs of users so that every arrangement seekers can find what they want here.

  • Nearby: Find rich or beautiful girls or wealthy singles nearby quickly.
  • Tapit: Easily like or pass others profile to match other members.
  • Moments: Share whatever you want and let others know you better.
  • Sugar: Send someone you like sugars to show your love and break the ice.
  • Ranking: Show your glamour or wealth to draw more attention.
  • Verify: Verify your income/beauty to attract more hot singles/millionaires.

Moments and Ranking & Coins system make sudy a better community to connect other members, share your thoughts, find other like-minded, show your glamour or wealth to attract quality users’ attention, which forms a fair place to courtship and communication. That’s what sugar seekers need or may be considerably in excess of what they needed. To be honest, Sudy is way beyond many apps as a rich man dating sites, the most interesting part is they developed a unique algorithm to guarantee high matching rates, so that users won’t miss any potential date. And according to their anti-spam function you will not worry about spam messages when you use it, which is brilliant and lovely to use.


Subscriptions options on Sudy Premium service for sugar daddy:

If you want to become upgrading member see the subscription price below:

Sudy Premium subscriptions for sugar daddy:

  • 1 month Sudy Premium for the price of $59.99.
  • 3 months Sudy Premium for the price of $119.99.
  • 6 months Sudy Premium for the price of $179.99.

Sudy Premium subscriptions for sugar baby:

  • 1 month Sudy Premium for the price of $9.99.
  • 3 months Sudy Premium for the price of $23.99.
  • 6 months Sudy Premium for the price of $35.99.

You can also buy coins for enjoying extra benefits:

  • 50 Coins for the price of $2.99.
  • 700 Coins for the price of $27.99
  • 2,000 Coins for the price of $69.99
  • 8,000 Coins for the price of $239.99
  • 16,000 Coins for the price of $399.99

User Review

Sudy got many good reviews, which shows nearly all of users who downloaded this app have good experience. A user who has signed up on the Sudy website at the end July 2016 move to app, he got hooked up with a beautiful girl on his 4th day on the app, and a week later, they start to meet regularly. One by one wonderful and successful dating experience make users leave Sudy multiple positive reviews and which is back effect to Sudy and make it a better place to attract rising numbers of wealthy people, millionaire all over the world.

Final Verdict

Sudy always care about the safety of users, it has special verification features that different from other sugar daddy dating apps who ask girls upload no-makeup photos, but still can recognize the fakes from the real photos, and verify rich people’s income, so fewer scams. The users are encouraged to put thoughtful interests and cool pictures in their moments, so as to foster sincere connections. For real millionaire they need a harmonious community to meet and hookup, Sudy made it so no wonder it has such a high success rate of millionaire dating. Spend some time digging it, you will find out why I would like to highly recommend you to give it a try!

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